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Slide braclets

Hello all—

I have an account that sells alot of slide braclets with the
corked slides that can be added and changed. I haven’t had any
experience in how to cork them or where to get the cork, can
someone help?!

Steve Dickey

Dear Steve; The Stuller catalogue, not only, stocks findings for
slide bracelets, but also supplys sheets of cork with installation
instructions. Their number is; (800) 877-7777.

Good Luck,

            Eben Lenz

In Stuller setting catalogue (1800-877-7777) there is a page
showing how to cork slides. They recommdend gasket cork from
auto shops. Doesn’t look complicated, just tedious. but then
again, so is setting 2mm stones, so whats the dif? Ha!


When I order slides from Stuller, they always send a sheet of
cork. I tear of little pieces with my tweezers and stuff them in
the slide. To put these buggers on, I have to remove the two chain
ends and use binding wire on each one, twisted to form sort of a
beading needle. Drill the slide through the cork to make a small
opening for the needle and thread it on the bracelet. This
operation is really a pain so make sure you charge accordingly!

Wendy Newman


We usually solder on a gold wire to the end of the bracelet, drill
a hole and thread it through, then cut it off. Just a slightly
different idea.

Mark P.

I’m reading all these threads about a slide bracelet, but I just
can’t seem to get the picture. Can someone explain what these
things are and what they look like. Sounds kind of interresting…

Tim, They look like those antique Victorian bracelets with a series
of links ("slides) with holes in them so a double chain can run
through them connecting them. This allows customers with alot of
money to waste to buy these expensive reproductions, set with the
stones of thier choice, which never match. They end up looking
about as tasteful as charm bracelets.

Do I sound bitter? Sure I do, but I can’t understand why a person
would buy a slide to make a bracelet that will end up looking like
many costume pieces, when they could have a little imagination,
take a risk, and buy a one of a kind work of art that would make
them unique. (Such customers often trade in their gold nuggets and
add-a bead necklaces to but these ).

sorry to vent,
Wendy Newman (goldsmith who makes one of a kind jewelry)

Wendy, couldn’t agree more but like the saying goes "You can’t
teach a pig to sing, It wastes your time and annoys the pig."
Frank Houston,tx.

I see, we have a few of these in our line, but we haven’t called
them slides, they are referred to as “mesh” bracelets. I like to
call them “mess” because they are a pain to construct (kinda clunky
too) but I shouldn’t complain, I get paid to put them together, not
to like them. We don’t use any cork, so I have no idea what they’re
talking about. We sell alot of them to “Ladies who do lunch” This
is what our rep tells us, for some reason, I picture my
grandmother. Thanks for your input, I was beginning to feel