Slate dishes-traditional?

Recent thread on traditional slate dishes for borax grinding reminds
me of a good story…not directly on jewelry, but relevant in a
general way to our habits of thinking.

It was major holiday, and a multi-generational family got together at
the new home of the youngest member. Grandma, Mom, Mother-in-law, and
daughter/new homeowner all gathered in the kitchen to discuss the new
house, to chat and catch up on family news. They all admired the beef
roast as the young hostess prepared it for the roasting pan,
anticipating a delicious dinner.

Then Mother-in-law said, “That’s a lovely roast, dear. I can hardly
wait to taste it. But I can’t help wondering…why are you cutting
off the ends of the roast before putting it in the pan? They look
fine to me.”

Daughter-in law paused in thought. “I’m not sure,” she said. “that’s
the way Mom taught me. Mom, why do we cut the ends off the roast
before putting it in the pan?”

It was Mom’s turn to think. “Well, let me see…I think that’s just
how I learned to do it. I’ve always done it that way, and so does
everyone in our family, but I’m not sure why. Your Grandma taught us
all to cook, and that’s the way she did it.”

All eyes turned to Grandma. “Well, Grandma, tell us. What’s the
reason why all of our family cuts the ends off the roast before
putting it in the pan?”

Grandma said, “I had to cut the ends off. I couldn’t get the roast to
fit in the pan. My roasting pan was too small, and I couldn’t afford
a bigger one.”

Moral of the story: how many of us are doing things the way we first
learned, thinking it is the only way, or the only right way?

There are so many “right ways”, and I’m glad to be learning more of
them. Opening up my Orchid e-mail is like opening up a treasure
chest-I never know what wonderful “new” (someone else’s old) idea
I’ll find!