Slab saw blades / Ukam

Ukam is making a new blade, with 40 % more diamond rim depth. Ph 310
410 9444

The trade name is “Smart Cut”

Usually, any High Quality 20" blade, sells for around the $300 to
400+ range…

The new Vision / Smart Cut 20" blade, with its new blade technology
and diamond blade depth design, is now selling for $ 2 6 7, according
to a new catalog i just received from Jewelry and Lapidary supplies.
360 373 3302

You may also be able to find it less at any of a number of discount
supply houses, like Kingsley North etc…

Sometimes it is better to spend a little more for a good blade, you
will not be sorry that you did, but you may be sorry if you don’t. As
I have been disappointed when buying good priced blades, with low
priced technology and diamond depths…

This new Smart Cut blade is supposed to be the BEST nowadays and is
being sold at a good price for the high quality you receive… I
personally have never tried them, but I know of a professional
lapidary cutter, who has 8 saws going all day long, switched from MK
blades to Ukam Blades and is very happy with the Ukam… so that is
why i recommend it here …

Good Luck