Skilled Crafts and Trades

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Every Craft / Trade has it’s own factors which determine the market
value. I agree that the market value is depressed for Jewelers, only
those who offer a preceived value greater than the ordinary can get
more. Historically, there have been, and continue to be; very
beautiful pieces made with only basic, primitive tools. Also you
compete on a world wide scale. It is easy for someone in India,
China etc. to make a piece and have very little investment beyond
the materials. Whereas here in the US the overhead is a much greater
burden. By adding a higher level of preceived value you can get more
for a given piece. Do you offer the customer trust and a warranty?
etc. I am thinking of the recent thread on returns.

Plumbers, electricians, etc. get paid that $100 to show up because
they must bring their shop with them. They also can’t be underbid by
someone in India, China etc. And their competition probably has
comparable overhead expenses. I suppose Lawyers get paid such high
amounts because the client thinks they are worth it or that they
have no choice. Lawyers and Doctors “practice” law and medicine.
(Since when do Craft / Tradesmen get paid to practice if it goes

I know that in my field of HVACR (heating, ventilating, air cond
refrigeration) there is a real shortage of skilled tradesmen. Some
of the work I see appalls me. Then again, our “low bid” mentality
encourages quick, sloppy work. I have known of a number of
servicemen who have started a business and gone belly up due to the
non payment by corporate bullies and even individuals. Usually
tradesmen don’t get paid for commercial work upon delivery. Then
there is little leverage once the time is up to file a mechanics
lien, unless you can afford a good attorney… Outside of
residential work it is almost exclusively done on “credit”. 30, 60,
90 days from billing. I am reminded of the other recent thread about
gallery not paying…

Just my 2 cents worth…You must “add value” if you are going to get
paid what your skill and investment is worth.

Dan Wellman
Speedway IN

Where right now places to park an RV have a pretty good value.
Sunday afternoon they won’t be worth much at all. It’s all about the
market and demand.