Sizing triple russian wedding rings

Hi there, I have a “technical” question about how to size the popular
triple floating rings aka Russian wedding rings. I wanted to know if
there was a rule of thumb here in upsizeing the 3 individual rings so
when I put them together they made a specific size. Any help is
appreciated so I didn’t have to recreate the wheel with numerous
trial and error. Thanks in advance!

Jenny Upah

Sizing an existing RWR (Russian Wedding Ring) is no different to
sizing a normal ring. Determine the size difference required and add
or remove the corresponding amount of metal from each ring.

The fact that each ring of the RWR is rather larger than the finger
size of the complete ring is irrelevant. It’s the difference between
the sizes that’s important.

Making a RWR from scratch is rather different.

For example, suppose the RWR is American size 5 and you want it to
be size 4.

The ID of a size 5 ring is 0.6141" and a size 4 is 0.5820". The
difference is 0.0321". Multiply this by PI (3.14159) to get 0.1008".
This is the amount of metal you have to cut out of each ring.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Make each of the three interlocking rings 1 1/2 sizes larger than
the desired size. have fun. tom arnold

Hi Jenny,

I’ve found this on the web, I guess is another Jenny :wink:

She says: 5 sizer larger than the real size…

Maybe it can be useful to you or can be revised by some Orchid
Member more experienced.

It would be useful for me, too.


I’ve made several of these over the years. I’ll second Mr. Arnold’s
number of 1.5 sizes (US). This is for a standard commercial wedding
band 1.5 mm thick. A thicker band, i. e., used for setting diamonds,
will require a larger size shift. I can’t figure out where the “5
sizes” increase comes from, unless it’s using a different sizing
system not used here in the US. That means a finished ladies size
six ring would have to have size eleven bands. This sounds very
unrealistic to me.

I have found roughly 1 1/2 size shrinkage, but I do sterling
production, so it’s not exact. (Meaning, sizes on either side of
desired get sold, so I don’t measure to the mmmmmth.) Example, I
need size 7 triple rings, I cut each ring to @ size 9 1/2, when they
are joined together they are roughly size 7. Sometimes 6 3/4,
sometimes 7 1/4, depending on how hard I bashed them back into round
after fusing. Recommend making set in desired size in copper or
sterling to fine-tune, before committing to more $$ metal. And if in
doubt, go a little smaller, size up w/ mallet after fusing all 3


Sam Kaffine

They are three colours? Charge for three individual sizings! Add a
little for puzzle-solving, but subtract a little for 3-in-one.