Sizing stock vs wire

Please can you tell me what the difference is between sizing stock
and wire? I need to get 2mm sq. 18k gold wire, but I can only find
2mm sq. sizing stock, will this work as well?


Sizing stock is wire that is not round. Name comes from use to size


My interpretation was that sizing stock was in standard ring gauges
and could be ordered in less than one foot increments opposed to
wire which cames in every gauge and is normally ordered by the foot
or troy oz

but I could be totally wrong :&


2mm square is 2mm square. Sizing stock is usually sold in straight
strips where wire may be curved as part of a coil. Can also be
straight too, Stuller and Hoover and Strong sell both ways


There is no difference between sizing stock and square wire. Square
wire can be used for sizing rings or making jewelry. Sizing stock us
usually shaped to closely resemble the ring so you have less waste
but it can be used for anything.

Phillip Scott
Rio Grande

Linda For whatever reason, square, flat, half round and triangle
wire isoften called stock, and flat wire is frequently called flat
stock. Halfround and flat stock (wire) is used so often in sizing
rings, that it gets called sizing stock. Just order square stock for
it is really square wire, but called square stock. Joy