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Sizing Result

Thanks for all the sizing advice and counsel. I sized three
rings using most all of the suggestions. One turned out
terrific. Only a good eye could find the joints. The other two
were not great primarily do to my being unable to find a wire
(half round )that would exactly match the ring shank. The wire
was either too narrow or not deep enough. I got them finished
but could only grade myself as D+ or C-. Is this a common
problem? I asssume there are no standard shank shapes.

I found with my fumbling fingers that I was better off to solder
one end of a two inch wire to the shank, cut it off and then
solder the other end. A pair of tweezers on the first soldered
joint seemed to be an adequate heat sink to prevent the first
joint from coming loose as the second joint is soldered.

Thanks again,
Bob b


You will probably get your best joints when you use a sizing
stock that is slightly larger than the shank on your ring. I
generally use flat stock even on half round shanks. You will
find that your joint tends to fill completely and you can file
down the excess metal to match the shape of the original shank,
without winding up with a thinner shank than you started with.

With practice, not even a good eye will be able to find your

Hope this helps