Sizing of Tungsten Ring

I’m savvy enough to know not to attempt any work on a tungsten ring,
but I am interested in getting about how this is done,
if it can be done. (A shirt tail family member believes there may be
a chance I would know about this… don’t want my ratings to go down
in the polls, of course.)

Any suggestions other than buying a correct size replacement? Thanks
in advance.

J Collier
Small Scale MetalSmith

Tungsten rings are actually tungsten carbide (a ceramic) with small
amounts of cobalt and nickel powders as a binder sintered together
under great heat and pressure. They are produced by grinding to size
with diamond abrasives. There is no way to stretch or compress them
without a total catastrophic (for the ring) failure. They can be re-
ground so small amounts of up sizing can be done with diamond
abrasive tools.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts