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Sizing a Hinged, Hollow, Bangle Bracelet in 14KYG

Strangers on the Internet:

I have a customer looking for an 8" bangle bracelet, but they don’t want it bad enough for me to make one from scratch as no one seems to carry that size. Any ideas on sizing one of these? I’ve briefly entertained ordering two and savaging parts, but they may be a half-baked idea. I hate saying no, but I’m not afraid to do so provided I’ve exhausted all of my resources.

Ruuuun!!! Run away as fast as you can.
I’ve worked on many hollow bangle bracelets. Pulling out dents, repairing hinges and clasps, etc. Do-able but total nightmare. The metal is so thin. About half a mm. I would never sell or own one either. They dent if you just look at them wrong. Oh and the solder used to put them together? So low a temp that I used to have to use (shudder) 10kt extra easy.
Trust me on this.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer

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Thanks for the advice! This is the direction I was leaning anyway. In case anyone is curious, Midas Chain actually carries the larger size.