Size of propane tank with Smith Little Torch

I am setting up the Smith Little Torch system with an oxygen concentrator. I have acquired all the equipment except the propane tank. On you tube I see that you can use quite a small tank. Is a 14 oz propane tank too small? What should be its optimum size? Thanks a lot.

What you probably see is a 1 lb. disposable propane cylinder. It needs a small, non-adjustable regulator.Following is a link to what Rio offers. You can probably find it at Amazon or your local welding supply…Rob

Thank you, Rob.

I use the larger size propane tank used for barb bq grills. Last a bout a year and is refillable better for environment and cheaper in long run.


Vernon…All that you say is true and I used both a 20 lb. and 5 lb. propane tank in my shop for several years along with medium size O2 cylinders. Since my shop is in my cellar just bellow our living space, I started looking for ways to limit the amount of compressed gas in my shop. By going to an O2 concentrator and 1 lb. propane cylinders I was able to do this and still run my various torches. I also asked my insurance people if they were OK with it and they approved. You can buy refillable 1 lb. cylinders. I have two of them. You can refill them from a 20 lb. tank. There are lots of torch and gas combinations the trick is to find one that works for you. If my shop was located in a separate building not connected to my house, I would probable still be using large gas cylinders, regulators and heavy hoses…Rob