Simulation for vacuum assist investment

Dear All,

I am looking for the sprue design (Feeder Design) simulation for
vacuum assist investment Casting.

Is it any software is readily available in market as a commercial

Arulkumar Nallasamy
Metallurgist, India

Hi Arulkumar,

There are softwares which are available. They are expensive. For
jewllery casting many a times it doesnot work.

My two bits.

Sprue design is art & science both combined.

Warm Regards

Hi folks,

There is a lot of technology in this space in injection moulding
plastics and metals (die cast) going back a few decades. Moldflow was
a co I quite liked back in the day, now part of AutoDesk.

it’s not worth it for small jobs, that’s for sure. It works best at
scale or hand in hand for complex parts. Like toothbrushes. and

I presume the same is true of jewelery casting? it’s the cost of
melting, quality control, reduced waste and increased through put
driving the business case. Small margin changes add up.

or are you trying to achieve a good result one time of a very
difficult design? In which case art implies the cost is not a

There is a package called Magmasoft that has been used to do such
simulations. It cost $50,000 per year to license the last time I
asked. You can read about some work done with it for jewelry
investment casting here.

“Computer Simulation of Jewelry Investment Casting: What Can We
Expect?” by Fischer-Buhner, Dr. Jorg in the proceedings of the Santa
Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology 2006

James Binnion