Simple plating rectifier?

Hi Orchidians,

I am a simple Goldsmith living in a remote spot who wishes to build
a simple and inexpensive plating unit to carry out Gold and Rhodium
plating . I have seen these operating but am unsure on the
electrics. I have even seen a battery operated device (who knows if
it worked). I guess that anything that can deliver 1 amp at about
2-3 volts will do the trick. It seems that anything made for the
trade seems to be 5 times the price (i.e. a pickle unit $150.00+
where a slow cooker will do the job for $30.00). The reason for the
cost saving measures? I have finally (after 25 years as an employee)
cut the cord and set myself adrift in the world of business and set
up my own studio on a shoe string budget, hence trying to reduce
costs. Also I have had the bad experience of waiting 4 weeks for
goods to arrive from a large US tool supplier and finding when the
parcel was opened that I got items I did not ask for, did not get
those I wanted and those that I got were misrepresented in the
catalog and not what they had seemed. Anyway that is just one of
many start up hard luck stories. I will leave you to search your
memories and just maybe lurking in a dark corner is the perfect
build it yourself rectifier (hope that is the right term). Good luck
to all in honest endeavors.

Best Regards Terence M Dillon.

Here is a method… first use a power converter from any electronic
device that uses batteries also… the converter will usually be
around 9 volts. Radio shack should have a DC reduction coil as most
dual units are not ac but DC … they should also have a
ptotentiometer that will control the voltage and resistors if you
need to further lower the amperage use a combination of this and a
voltmeter… if you like you can also hook an ammeter into the
circuit a dead radio often will supply what you need … yard sales
are a good supply for this … and if you know you electronics you
should be able to make what you need to plate out of one old radio!
as there are many resistors coils and the volume switch is a
potentiometer… all needed then is a voltmeter and for about thirty
bucks you can get a digital unit that works well for other uses
also… like wiring and mechanics if you get my drift…
hope this helped…John Henry "Ringman’’