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Simple Green

I have noticed several references to Simple Green. I bought some a
number or years ago for general cleaning purposes. I couldn’t stand
the way it smelled. Unless it has be changed in recent years, I
couldn’t stand to smell it in my studio!

Marilyn Smith

Nope. It hasn’t changed. It still stinks, and it still leaves a green
film on anything white.

There is another product which smells a bit better called “Castrol
Super Clean”. The fragrance is somewhat like windex. It claims to be
3 times stronger than simple green, and is also biodegradable. I have
used Simple-G for years and this Castrol product does seem to work

I know what you mean. I just switched to it after usingSpic & Span.
The whole place smells like anisette. Not bad, but after a bit it
gets old. I used to use amonia and tri-sodium phosphate at one time.
Worked great, but the amonia could do you in if you didn’t keep a
window open a crack. I’m still looking for a good, cheap solution
that doesn’t polute or stink. Welcome suggestions.

David L. Huffman

If the smell of the solution you use in the cleaner is overwhelming,
your ventilation may be entirely too inadequate. You may be risking
your health here, not from the Simple Green but from the other things
that are also not getting vented. I find that you need not only spot
ventilation for your soldering and burnout type problems but also
good general ventilation.

Larry Seiger

Hi David, I use that soap your put in the dishwasher, it comes in
Lemon Flavor, and does a really good job. Electrosol is the brand that
I use. Susan Chastain

My favorite cleaning product is NOW! It comes from sams, and I use
it 1:4 parts water in my sonic, full strength for nasty cleaning.
It’s biodegradable, smells pleasant - like citrus, works better than
any of the specialized sonic cleaners, and even works great on my

Judy in Denver with a glorious Colorado summer day.

Mary, I dont find the same problem with the smell of simple green as
you. I have used it for a while now, and I dont think they have
changed the aroma of it. I know different things , such as smells,
bother different people differently. So I guess as to smells, that
part would be a individual problem. As to the effectiveness of the
product to do what it is suppose to do, that I will say , I think it does ,
and it seems to do it well.

Ever notice that most everything nowadays (except maybe transmision
fluid) is “Lemon Scented”?

Brian P. Marshall

Cheryl: Simple Green has introduced an Industrial strength which is
clear. It is supposed to be the stronger for faster acting. They
were promoting it at Eastec in May of this year. I have a sample, yes
it smells the same but the coloring agent is gone and does a good job
if you can stand the smell. The product is/will only be available at
"commercial" distributors that supply commercial cleaning companies.
At least that is what the told me. Check out your local yellow pages
for cleaning companies and let your fingers do the talking. I also
think they have a web site but not sure. Hope that helps.

Barb McLaughlin On the seacoast of NH where fall is around the

I looked at the Simple Green website. Which of the products is the
one recommended for tarnish removal?

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi Janet

The simple green you want for tarnish removal is the all purpose
simple green solution, on there web page its under household
consumer products.

Michael Woltmann