Silversmithing workshops in Bali?

Hello there,

Its been a while since I was here (understatement, couple of years).
Nice to be back. The benchtube is wonderfull! Compliments on that.
Let me introduce myself (again). I am a goldsmith from the
Netherlands, located in Amsterdam. I have a small business, just
enough to keep me from the street. Besides the metalwork I make
glassbeads. Come visit my website to see my work.

Hope you have some tips for me. We are planning a long trip to Bali
Indonesia this summer. I want to take some silversmith classes over
there. I searched the web but could not find anything interesting to
me. I was hoping the big community of the ganoksin could bring me
some suggestions. I did search the archives, but could not find
anything. My interests are granulation and fabricating bali beads.
English spoken would be very very nice, since I don’t control the
indonesian language.

Hope to hear from you,

Hi Marlein,

I don’t know this lady personally, but used to work at a store which
carried her work. She could very easily be a starting point for you.
Here is her website: