Silversmith training


I am new to Ganoksin. thanks to member I recently met. I have been
studying silversmithing in Mexico for the passed 5 months… in Taxco
and San Miquel Allende. I am looking to continue my learning in a
small school or private setting in the USA for the next 2-3 months. I
have leaned a lot and have so much more to learn. I have designed and
made about 25 piece so far however I am still very keen on the
basics. Soldering. proper material choices and repair/ preparation.
The design end will come in time. I an open to any region in the US.
I am from Wolfville Nova Scotia and will make my way back there after
his final stop on my tour, Please contact me if you know of an
opportunity to do this.

I will be leave Mexico 29th of March…(visa has expired !)

cheers and thanks; David Spence

Dan Valencia has a school in Washington DC. He gives classes and
private lessons. Dan is a skilled goldsmith and an excellent teacher.
You can reach him at Jewelryclassdc – Jewelry and Metal Design Classes

Hello David,

There are several possibilities on the East Coast that I can think
of right off the bat, that offer ongoing classes: Metalwerx, in
Waltham, MA, and North Bennett Street School, in Boston, MA. NBSS
offers a certificate program; Metalwerx does not.

For workshops: Snow Farm; the New England Craft Program. Metalwerx
also offers workshops.

On the West Coast- Revere Academy.

Hope this is useful,
Linda Kaye-Moses

You might like to look up Ross Morrow, he is a few miles from
wolfville, kentville, north alton There is excellent instruction at
NSCAD and New brunswick college of Art and Design.


Email me off list. I’m in Moncton and I do give classes, one-on-one
only, but have no idea whether what I can teach is anything you might
want or need.

Hans Durstling