Silversmith Paul Harjo passed away

A great friend of mine has just passed. His name was Paul Harjo.

I met Paul at the Art Under the Oaks (Five Tribes Museum in Muskogee

  • Indian Territory) some untold years ago.

I was just a beginner silversmith with many questions and he was an
accomplished silversmith.

Paul was friendly and willing to answer questions; we became good

I looked forward each year to the annual Art Under the Oaks event.

He would call and ask if i was going to be able to make it up there.

i would go up, sit with him, talk about Indian things, jewelry and
food! He knew so much about

Indian Culture and people who were active in the tribes.

He always encouraged me in my silversmithing endeavors.

wa-do (Cherokee; Thank You) Paul

when i look up at the stars
i will see you in the sky

when i see others laughing
I will see your smile.

when i work with silver and stone
I will see their beauty as you taught me.

when i meet a new friend
I will tell him of you as well.