Silversmith Needs Your Help!

This isn’t easy for me, as I’m better at helping others than asking
for assistance. My building is going condo and I need to move by
August 15th. I’m looking for a rental or rent-to-own live/work
situation with a workshop of approximately 700 square feet, either
in a home or out-building. My dog and I would prefer a country
setting with very little noise, as I’m done with city living. I’m
having a very difficult time trying to find something off busy main
roads in Rhode Island or over the boarder in Massachusetts. I have
many individuals searching on my behalf, and I thought I’d hit the
Orchid group as well. If anyone hears of something that might fit my
needs, I’d be eternally grateful if you let me know by e-mailing me
directly at [jefff at hermansilver dot com]