Hi Orchidians, I’m still stupified from travel, but thought I’d just
forward this email pretty much intact. I’ve been part of the
Silverhawk website for years, long before I had my own site up, and
have had a number of inquiries and some sales as a result. Tyler has
always been very pleasant and easy to deal with; his services are
inexpensive and he wasn’t crabby about the link to my own website (
designed by Stan Thompson ). Consider this a handy hint and a vote
of confidence. Marianne

I've been working on the Silverhawk Artisans'Guide and your page
is the first of the jewelers to be improved.
Also note I've added additional links to your personal web site,
both in the Guide and to your original Exhibit site.
I would be pleased if you would pass on a word of my services to
other professional artist or craftsmen who could benefit by Internet
exposure. You can send them to: 

Marianne Hunter

I first won my website in a contest that Silverhawk ran in 1996.
After winning it two more times, I decided to give someone else a
chance, and began paying Ty Hannigan to be my webmaster. He has been
a pleasure to work with all these years. I recommend him. You can
check out my site below:

Cynthia Eid