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Silver Wire Jewelry, A review

I just received my long awaited copy of Irene From Petersen’s book,
Silver Wire Jewelry. This is a Primer on working with wire, and
nothing is left out.

Looking it over there were two suggestions that caught my attention.
First was to use a tumbler as a necklace or neck wire mandrel. the
second one is to use a Pasta Maker to flatten wire. These two
suggestions alone validate the book.

The contents within contain every conceivable way to work wire.
There are many photos and accompanying how to’s.

Irene From Petersens first wire book was and is a great value, this
one is an excellent companion book. Lark is the Publisher. List
price $14.95.

Silver Wire Jewelry: Projects to Coil, Braid & Knit
By Irene From Petersen

Price $10.17