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Silver tester

What would people recommend as a silver tester that would be reliable enough to be sure that I had .925 content, ideally without breaking the bank. Ultimately accuracy would be the most important.

We have been using 14K test acid on sterling silver for years. I feel it gives us a better test than the sterling acid test that is also available. We have both, but I prefer using the 14K acid. Have been at our store over 23 years, and happy with the results from the 14K acid. Just my opinion.

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I also use the 14K test acid, but mostly these days Iā€™m a coin dealer with just a bit of jewelry so I have a Sigma tester. It can only test larger things with flat-ish surfaces but on the right item it can confirm .925, .965, .900, .800 and .999/.9999 not exactly inexpensive, but really useful in my business.

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