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Silver tester

What would people recommend as a silver tester that would be reliable enough to be sure that I had .925 content, ideally without breaking the bank. Ultimately accuracy would be the most important.

We have been using 14K test acid on sterling silver for years. I feel it gives us a better test than the sterling acid test that is also available. We have both, but I prefer using the 14K acid. Have been at our store over 23 years, and happy with the results from the 14K acid. Just my opinion.

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I also use the 14K test acid, but mostly these days I’m a coin dealer with just a bit of jewelry so I have a Sigma tester. It can only test larger things with flat-ish surfaces but on the right item it can confirm .925, .965, .900, .800 and .999/.9999 not exactly inexpensive, but really useful in my business.


I don’t have any of the proper items for it - but use a magnetic. If it’s steel plated - the magnetic will know.

Look up Schwerters solution. Takes distilled water, a bit of nitric, hydrochloric acid, and potassium dicromate. I measure it with a dropper, as I mix it into an empty (and clean) glass vial, the same size as your cp nitric and aqua regia. Those wood boxes hold 3 glass vials. Once you have the Schwerers mixed, it lasts for a few years. Always put the water in first, never put water in acid; put acid into water. Why? Because the water will heat up too quickly and expand if you drop water into acid. Dropping acid into water gives the acid time to cool so it doesn’t heat up. The recipe should be online somewhere. If not, please let me know. Been a long day so that’s all I can write tonight. Good luck, Caroline


I’m still looking for an electronic silver tester.

I’m having some rings cast.

Not having a trademark, I do not have the leagal right to hallmark them, and neither will the caster.

I do want to tell buyers that they are sterling, but I want to independently test them prior to making that claim.

The caster has been around for years, and everyone trusts them; further, I will be supplying the metal.

But before I specifically make that claim, I’d like to back it up.

The only electronic tester I’ve found, priced at about $550.00, has a low rating.

So, and help or direction would be appreciated.

(The Sigma, besides being in the $2000.00 range, does not seem to be appropriate for rings, )

Thank you.