Silver sheet stock standard thickness

Hi all

I need Your opinions of something, its about a supplier of silver
sheet, the last 2 times i have bought it i end up with a different
size, the first time i ordered from him i ordered a sheet of 0.8mm
and it wasnt until i had almost used it all i found out it was 0.7mm
but by then it was to late but i thought maybe just a simple mistake
so i didnt say anyhing, well i couldnt because id almost used it all,
so this time i though when i order anything from him i will check it
before i use it, so i just ordered 2 more sheets one was a sheet of
0.5mm fine silver and the other was 0.5mm sterling, so when the
package arrived i mesured the 2 pieces of sheet and they are both
0.35mm-0.37mm which i wanted for making tubes for tube settings and
im not sure if it is any use, is it thick enough to use for tube
settngs someone said to me it should be 0.5mm, i can use the fine
silver to make bezels but thats not the point if you order 0.5mm
that is what you should get its like if someone orders a size 7 ring
and you make them a size 6 ring and say well you wanted a ring, its
just not right, but seeing the sheet has been cut i doubt he will
change it, do you think it is worth phoning and telling him to kindly
get his act togeher when i order from the UK it always come in the
size i asked for i order 0.7mm then thats the size that gets here but
that takes 2 or 3 days to get here where as if i order it here its
more or less next day i only order from him if its an emergency,
should i put it down to a lesson learned and not use him again no
matter what


If it’s not what you ordered, and you don’t want the sizes he sent,
then the fact that he’s cut the sheet is his problem, not yours. Do
be sure your measuring equipment is accurate, however. It would be
embarassing to raise a stink only to realize that your electronic
caliper isn’t accurate (happens sometimes, especially with the less
expensive chinese ones). Measure with a standard machinists style
micrometer to be sure. And then if you find it’s really off the
desired and ordered measurement by that much, insist on the right to
return it.

And then you might wish to try and find another supplier who knows
how to measure his/her stock with sufficient accuracy. Getting .35
when you ordered .5 is just not a minor discrepency. That’s way
off… And from the sound of it, this wasn’t a one time fluke, if
he’s mismeasured before.



You can always tell by the weight if the stock is right, any metal’s
weioght is a coinstant in a stated gauge, by the size. It doesn’t
vary at all! s His rolling mill may be calibrated incorrectly, or if
its off repeatedly the person you are using is simply not experienced
and does not know what he is doing…sounds like that to me…

Raw materials are standardised when bought through most suppliers. In
the UK if you are not getting the appropriate return for your order
you should report the person to the assay office (in the UK) - that
is the central office that the person should be registered with to
sell precious metals. If the person is eyeballing sheet gauges, then
there is a problem. It is very straightforward… 6mm sheet shouold
be just that and weigh x based on the length times width times
thickness…anything other than that x weight is worth returning if in
bulk enough to make the return worth it (if its off afraction of a
millimeter I would simply not use that vendor or mill worker anymore,
but what you are describing is fraudulent business practices…the guy
is ripping you off, and either is not using a calibrated mill or
approximating the gauge…nonetheless, return it, and get a refund,
and then buy from reputable suppliers in the future. You can always
buy your own mill and roll your own sheet too! That is perhaps what I
would do in tyour case…If you are too far from any suppliers and
generate scrap or have a quantity enough to remelt, pour and get what
you need out of the whole then invest the money in your own mill. You
will save in the long run and can then manufacture just what you need
when you need it. Keeping a quantity of fine silver casting grain or
coins on hand is totally rational and versatile, as is keeping a
quantity of gold casting grain too ( if you work in gold) then
anything you desire can be fabricated in your own shop… oh yeah,
invest in some digital calipers too!


You should get what you order! However, what you don’t tell us is
how you’re being charged - by weight or by measure.

My supplier gives a break down of weight/measurement/cost, so that I
know a …8mm sheet measuring say 10cm*10cm will, AT A PRICE OF X PER
GRAM, cost so much and weigh so much. If you don’t know the cost per
gram of metal in a finished piece, how can you work out your costs
and prices accurately?

I always check the measurement and weight when it arrives, and it’s
never out by as much as yours has been.

Must say, I’ve never heard of metal being sold by measure alone -
but if by any chance that is how you’re being charged, your supplier
is making extra money out of you because the thinner sheets will
weigh less!

Jane Walker

hi all

just to clear up what was asked, when i order the piece of 0.5mm
sheet say 8cm x 20cm i get charged by the kilo i think, so when i
order it is something like 0.8mm x 80mm x 200mm,on the invoice it
just says sheet AG930 then weight then the amount i have been
charged for it, i have to say that the wieght that is on the invoice
is normaly correct when i weigh it (although it would be) although i
have to mesure the thickness and check the weight it to be able to
find out roughly which piece is which on the invoice as there is
nothing like 8cm x 20cm and the thickness, and one more point i would
like to make is the sheets of sterling normaly are dirty when they
get here although the fine silver was clean, oh and one more thing,
another reason why i dont like to use sheet from this guy is because
your hands smell after you touch it, im not sure if it is something
they put on it when they roll it but who knows, but it smells, all
the silver i get from the UK is always the correct size and is clean
also after touching it your handsdont smell and has a film on it to
stop it getting scratched some of you might think im stupid to order
from this guy but sometimes when its an emergency you have to do what
you have to do, as sometimes i aint got time to wait for it to come
from the UK but from now on i will wait for it as im not going to buy
sheet from him again one more thing i would like to say just to clear
up one more thing, when i but sheet or wire etc, i have a digital
gauge and scales to weigh and mesure everything and yes they do give
me the correct mesurments and weights

sorry if it dont make sence as i have just got out of bed after
working allthrough the night to get some orders done