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Silver Sembu, Indian repousse work


I wanted to write about the repousse work done in India, especially
TamilNadu; the state from which I come. This vessel is called a
’Sembu’ and it is made from different metals usually the common ones
are copper and brass. Here this is made of silver. These silver
Sembus are used for festivals and to celebrate important functions.
This is given to the brides for their weddings.

The more affluent you are the more bigger the silver sembu gets.

You can find the images of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess we believe
that bestows prosperity and wealth.

Eight images are carved around the vessel to depict different

Repousse is done even at the bottom of the vessel. This sembu is
used in Poojas on special occassions where we invoke the Goddess and
seek her blessings.

Usually for repousse they do with 500 gms of silver, and as I said
it depends on affordability. There are Sembus which are done with
1kg silver too.

Kavitha Balakrishnan.