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Silver Scrap

On 19-Apr-97, wrote aboutSilver Scrap:

d> I wanted to get some on how to go about melting down the
d> silver, what shape to cast it into, and what kind of form (mold) to use,
d> and tips on rolling it out into plate and wire.

G’day, Erica; I notice that you are in NZ too, so you probably have
Warburton’s catalogue; if not, their address is: 81 Barry’s Point Rd,
Takapuna, North Shore City NZ. POBox 101 683 North Shore Mail centre.
Toll free 0800 927 297 You should get one of their flat ceramic crucibles,
(page CA 1), possibly a crucible holder, (same page) and a pair of
reversible ingot moulds (page CA2) with which you can cast short 4-5mm rods
or small pieces of 3mm plate, and of course since you already have a
rolling mill you cam see what happens next. I made my own several years
ago, but have to borrow a mill. You must use oxygen with your torch - I
find oxy-propane is quite hot enough. Heat your new crucible and melt
plenty of flux into it to start it off. But try and keep soldered pieces
of scrap or silver dust filings out of your melt, and use a soft (reducing)
flame as is compatible with enough heat, for silver dissolves oxygen, and
the lower melting point metals of the solder will cause bubbling and poor
wire or plate. Sprinkle a little flux over the melt,and keep the flame on
your melt as you pour. Happy recycling and cheers,

   / /    John Burgess, of Mapua, Nelson
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 / //\    @John_Burgess2
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