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Silver rings for chains

You will then have to cut this to make individual rings. If you
care to review the technic I have evolved to do this last step
without the purchase of a ring cutter, let me know and I'll post
that for you and others who might be interested. 

Yes, Joe, we would be interested! Please post your technique for
cutting jumprings. TIA Judy Bjorkman

To Judy, Len and the other Orchidians who have asked for my

The method I use to create jump ring coils and then to separate
these coils into individual rings is as follows: 1.Instead of using
steel rods of various diameters to serve as mandrels, I have an
assortment of thick walled brass tubes obtained at a hardware store.
Some of the sizes are too large to be held in the chuck of the hand
drill I use to create a coil of rings. For these I reduce a wooden
dowel at both ends. One end of this 3-4 inch dowel is reduced in
diameter to fit into the chuck of the hand drill and the other end is
tapered to fit into several sizes of the brass tubes used. 2. The next
step prior to creating the coil of rings is to cut as lit about 1.5-2
inches long on one side of the tube using a thick carborundum 7/8th
disc. This will serve later on in the separation of the coil into
individual rings.

End where slit is made wood dowel goes here

  1. Once the coil has been created (explained in previous posts),the
    brass tube with coil of rings attached is removed from the hand
    drill and set aside. A very thin cut off disc (.009) is mounted in
    the handpiece and this will be used to cut through the rings. I use
    this rather than a hand saw or a rotary saw since it is faster than
    the former and safer than the rotary saw. It does have a tendency to
    break if torqued even slightly and when one first starts using these
    breakage will occur frequently, but using a gentle touch and with
    experience it will become a very useful tool.

  2. I position the tube with the coil of rings so the slit end is
    against the bench within a shallow container (to catch the rings)
    after I slide the coil down to the end with the slit and tilt the top
    of the tube toward me. I then cut through the rings over the slit
    using the thin disc. I stop when I have traversed the length of the
    slit, push the remaining coil over the slit, and repeat the cutting
    of the remaining rings.

I hope this is clear to all of you who have asked for this
description. It is, like so many procedures that take longer to
explain than to do. If there are any steps needing clarification I’ll
be happy to add to this either with an e-mail or a post on the forum.

Joe Dule