Silver Purse Frames - [Was: Fran Hare:]

I'm a bead artist. I've been making jewelry for almost five
years. I want to learn how to make sterling silver purse
frames for the beaded bags I design and make.

Making silver purse frames is a great idea! I took a class on
silversmithing with that idea in mind and quickly discovered
that metalwork (with the exception of wire work) is not something
I’m good at. I’ve been looking for an alternative to the tacky
plated purse frames that are available. Who wants to put hours
into designing and making a beautiful (knitted, crocheted,
loomed, peyote’d etc.) bag and put it on a base metal frame on
it? I make replicas of antique bags and have been hoping that
someone would make some nice frames. If you decide to make and
sell them let us know - there is a market! Elena