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Silver properties / bracelet with "flexible lock mechanism?"

Hey Guys! Hope y’all are having a good new year so far!

I’m having a question regarding a braclet lock mechanism, and overall silver properties.

Ive been casting my silver jewelry for about 3 years now… And i’ve been using mostly normal mechanic lock mechanism in my jewelry. However i’ve been wondering about pieces like the one below.

it’s almost as if the bracelet is strung up like a spring, pushing against the other site making it a strong lock… It’s a bracelet my girlfriend has from Dansih designer george jensen.

When i think about properties of my silver jewelry, it dont like being bend too much and just stays in the place that i bend it, and if being work hardned too much, then in the long run can result in becomming brittle and worst case crack.

it seems like the material of this bracelet have like some “Metal memory” of a more stretched state which makes it a good lock since it keeps pushing against the other side!

Not sure if i have explained this in a good manner, but hope you guys understand what im trying to say and can elaborate a bit more on the topic!

best regards William

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William, the short answer is thst you are seeing the difference between cast silver, and silver which has been forged, rolled, hammered, etc. These operations fundamentally change the structure of the metal so it is harder, stronger, denser, and springier than simple cast metal. Work hardened metal will easily give you the properties you see in this bracelet, which was almost certainly not cast, but was forged and fabricated.
Peter Rowe


I have been making these for years with no problem. They are rolled, forged and soldered…Rob


I have made a small number of similarly designed bracelets over the years. They are called Crucian Bracelets, Island Bracelets, Caribbean Bracelets, and a few other names. I think you will find it to be a good design with few flaws. Strong, flexible, and attractive. Done as Peter and Rob described them they are perfect for the torch and metal fabricator. I see them in silver and brass at a couple of shows I do (and hope to do again soon) but I think you will find copper isn’t a good choice. (It work hardens too easily any place there is a kink in the metal and are likely to bend out of shape or even break at that spot.) Fabricated in sterling is the right ticket. Good luck and have fun.

Don Meixner


Some things are just easier to forge. The bracelet is one of them. Casting is way too much trouble for a simple piece like this. It would take maybe 15 minutes to shape it, and then do all finishing in tumblers.
Judy Hoch

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