Silver prices (wasRE: Niobium)

Charles wrote:

   In the US Indian Jewelers Supply has a good name for low
prices on silver, I've heard of Canadians ordering from them as

a less expensive source. Charles > >

I may be mistaken, but I believe Rio Grande has lower fabrication
charges on silver stock than IJS. I did a comparison some time
back (maybe a year?), and I believe that was the way it came out.
I have also heard others say they felt IJS was cheaper… am I
missing something here? Has anyone else compared these two
vendor’s prices?

Depends on the amount you buy, but they almost all use the same
supplier. Lloyd

If I recall, IJS was much cheaper until you get into hundreds of
ounces, then Rio Grande is cheaper. I usually buy 15 - 20 oz at
a time… so go with IJS.


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Believe RIO to be very expensive relative to finding of less
than 100 quantity, etc!! Personally, believe if I have to use
RIO/etc. then the Silver jewelry market is given over to India,
Mexico, etc. Intend to look via ‘NET’ toward Mexico for
findings, Else, Give it UP!



Do you have an 800 number for IJS?

       Wendy Newman

Do you have an 800 number for IJS?

Indian Jewelry Suppy 1-800-545-6540