Silver Plating Powder

I recently stumbled across a bottle of Silver Plating Powder from the
COOL-CMF company of Portland Oregon. Can you tell me anything about
this material. For example; what is the likely chemical composition,
does the company still exist, if so, do you have any contact

Anything you can tell me would help.


Bill Buyers

Cool Amp is used to resist high amperage connections on current
transformer cables. Cool Amp claims the silver plate is permanent and
will not peel off indoors or out. I have used it in conjunction with
PNP paper to silver plate a copper table top. You apply the power with
a soft cloth dipped in water than in the powder, rubbing in a circular
motion until the metal is plated. Be sure to clean the metal well. It
silver plates copper, brass and bronze.The table I plated is a
sculpture and not used like a functional table so I don’t know how it
holds up under usual wear and tear. The table is three years old and I
see no change except the silver has tarnished. I’ve attached a picture
of the table hope you can open it. Their address is:

15834 Upper Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Good Luck,

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