Silver Plating or Stripping

I need some help!

Does anyone do Silver plating or stripping for others. I cast about
400 solid Sterling Silver Pine Cones (actually Mountain Alder Cones
per week) and need them stripped or plated to give them a prettier
look. I was able to get them “bright white” clean by using
“Divestor”, for almost 30 years, but about 4 years ago, Grobet bought
out the company making it (to my understanding). They changed the
formula from a highly acid divestor to just some soapy junk that
almost does nothing. Anyway I want to get back to having my pine
cones bright white before tumbling them, any suggestions?

Right now I clean them with alternating solutions of pickle and then
ammonia in an ultrasonic. I am getting them fairly white, but not
consistently, even in the same batch. I do oxidize the darker ones,
but they do not sell as good as the bright white ones.

Questions narrowed down?

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase “Divestor” that contains
    some acid, and it think it was hydrochloric?

  2. Has anyone else used the old divestor and still know where to get
    something similar?

  3. Do you do any Silver stripping for others?

  4. Do you do any Silver plating for others?

  5. Do you have a method of cleaning elaborate castings to get them
    “bright white”?

I cast another 100 to 1000 pieces each week of regular junk castings
for the Colorado tourist trade, elk, horses, leaves and stuff for my
classes, and I get them plenty white, and clean before tumbling, but
these pine cones need to be perfect before tumbling.

As I have said, I have cast these for over 30 years, with no
problems cleaning them with the divestor. Right now it seems like I
could sell as many as I can cast! This part of my business was hurt
when the process of plating natural objects was invented about 20
years ago, but now, I could sell a 1,000 a week, I think, if I could
get them as white as I use to.

Your help will be greatly appreciated, and even rewarded with a pine
cone or two! Or three!


Don, I wish I could help, but I don’t know about this product. On
the other hand, I really think that your oxidized pine cones are
fabulous! It is a shame that they aren’t the better seller.

Lee Cornelius
Vegas Jewelers