Silver plated copper wire

I have been hearing/reading about silver plated copper wire. The
reviews seem vary favorable. I have read that it acts much like
sterling, you can’t see the copper core when cut and that even
though its treated with an anti-tarnish coating, it still takes a
patina well.

What’s the feeling in the jewelry community regarding this. I’m glad
the price of silver is coming down again, but the lasted spike gave
us all a shock and prompted me to look at alternatives. What is your
guys’ feelings on the matter.


I’ve been using the silverplated wire from

for the past few years and I like working with it. Can’t be soldered
unless you want to go for some pretty colorful copper/silver
effects. Since I knit wire so much, and do a great deal of
wireworking teaching, the silverplated wire has been an economical
choice, allowing my students and I a chance to work in silver,
without the cost of actual sterling wire. The Parawire silverplated
wire is labeled as Non-tarnish silverplate copper wire. Sometimes it
feels like half-hard wire, and sometimes more soft, but it’s not
quite soft temper. Any other silverplated wire out there, I don’t
know but at least we have an option to work with silver wire without
the high cost. Best of all, it is tarnish-resistant.