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Silver or surgical steel earwires?


Hello all: I’m a home artisan jeweler – not fine jeweler. I’ve
always used sterling ear hooks, but I’m going through so many, and
the price is pretty high. Used to make my own, but now I prefer to
buy premade. I’m thinking of using surgical steel hooks. The
earrings themselves are sterling and glass, or plain sterling or
plain copper. Would love to hear your thoughts…

Thank you! – Trish


i use hypoallergenic, it means everyone can wear them, (except maybe
1 out of 100). I buy bulk from Shipwreck beads and have done so for
years. I carry a small earring repair kit to shows, and have all
styles to replace with when necessary, but due to the cost of
sterling hooks, i now charge $5 for a change over unless a repeat

i use hypoallergenic, it means everyone can wear them, (except
maybe 1 out of 100). 

Hypoallergenic can be made from stainless steel. contains nickle,
contrary to what people believe about allergy to nickle…

Surgical stainless steel is a specific type of stainless steel, used
in medical applications, which includes alloying elements of:
chromium, nickel and molybdenum.

The chromium gives the metal its scratch resistance and corrosion
resistance. The nickel provides a smooth and polished finish. The
molybdenum gives greater hardness and helps maintain a cutting edge.

Richard Hart G. G.
Denver, Co.


Nothing like sterling. Also if you are consistent with usingsterling
there’s less confusion for your customers, that you may replace some
other metal with it besides earwires. Sharon Perdasofpy


Hi Trish!

I am personally a fan of stainless steel hooks because I’m able to
avoid the dark marks in my piercings that sometimes occur with
silver. There is also less chance of allergic reactions, which could
be a bonus.

Create beauty wherever you are!



Hi Trish,

Nearly all my jewellery is silver so I use sterling silver hooks on
mine. I also use the same hooks when I make some ceramic earrings. I
don’t bother buying the hook. I simply make them from 0.8mm round
.925 wire. Each hook requires 50mm of wire so I can make 10 pairs
from 1 metre of wire. I use a chenier cutting jug to saw them to
length, smooth and deburr the ends with a 400 sanding stick and use
looping pliers to put an eye at one end form the hook around the
middle. The process is very fast with a little practice.

Every now and then I knock out a couple of dozen pairs to be ready
when I need them. I usually solder the eye closed after attaching it
to the dangle using a fine flame with easy solder. In my case this is
with a Little Torch with a #4 tip. I usually run my pieces for a few
hours in a vibratory tumbler and this work hardens the hooks.

All the best
Jenifer Gow



from a technical position surgical steel is a superior metal.

Visually and for the kudos sterling is a superior product.

We still make our own ear wires, saves a lot of money.

We produce a superior ear wire and this gives a very big advantage.

Richard Hopkins
Xtines Jewels