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Silver making jewellry

We want a complete silver making jewelry setup from any manufacturer who can supply complete machines with complete installation and training in Pakistan.

Hi Suhail,
This forum is primarily,

2.Frequented by mainly single handed bench jewellers.
3. Whose main way of working is by fabrication.
As far as im aware, this forum is not used by factory production companies.

There are basically 3 ways of working metal for jewellery,

  1. As Ive said above, fabrication,
  2. Casting,
  3. Wrought work.
    The machinery? for each method is different.

in the 1st,
you do not need much in the way of machinery as such, what you do need is a lot of skill and a natural talent, with years of experience.
In the 2nd,
you need all of no1 plus the extra skills and experience in,

  1. Wax modelling
  2. flaskpreparation
    3.The expensive induction Vacumn casting machines.
    In the 3rd,
    You need all the skills in no1, plus the extra skills and experience in,
  3. Drop stamping machines
  4. Hyd press work
    3.Die manfacture and use
  5. Continious production auto feed punch and die crank presses
    5.Rolling mills
  6. Draw benches
  7. A tool room
  8. Fly or manual screw presses and tooling.

Then the staff to work all of the above.
The number of staff will depend on how big your business plan is to be.
In addition to you office staff, sales staff and most importantly your design staff,
Then a suitable building into which this all has to fit, in addition to the essential services ,
1.electricity in single and 3 phase
3.waste management to meet you local regulations
4.telephone and internet connections.
5.Proper staff, both male and female facilities.
6. Mains gas or propane, plus oxygen supplies.
7. Suitable benches/work places for the workers.
8. Polishing equipment, with vacumn dust extraction and silver recovery.

To provide a “Turnkey” installation will depend upon what ideas you have, and how much money is available to pull this all together. My gut feeling is youll need at least half a million dollars just to start with.
Finally, there is the ongoing cost of the training suitable staff in the use of all this possible machinery.
“IF”, the staff have no engineering, hands on practical experience in jewellery making, which ever way of making, your machinery will just sit there rusting .
Finally theres the time frame for all this.
I do know whats involved in establishing a jewellery factory, and wish you well. I might just be willing to act a the consultant in this project, but my time is committed for the next 6 months on a major project, after that I might just be interested.
My time tho is expensive. As real know how always is.

Edward. Vladimir. Frater

What quantity do you need to produce?
I cast and finished 500-1000 pieces a
week as a small wholesaler, all work was done
for customers that placed orders.
I used a programmable kiln and simple
centrifugal casting machine.
I tumble polished pieces.

It sounds as if you are starting a business from scratch without training, which seems to me a bad way to do it. You could end up giving someone a blank check to supply you a complete shop, in which case someone might supply a lot of things which you don’t really need. I would first invest in some training which would give you knowledge of methods and equipment. Then you would know what you needed and wouldn’t be spending on things you won’t use.

As Ted points out, there are various manufacturing methods and if you are casting, you might not need fabrication equipment, while if fabricating solely, you wouldn’t need casting equipment. Or you might do a mix of both and need some equipment from each category.

I think you would do best being familiar with equipment so that you could pick and choose various items from different suppliers rather than having one build your entire shop for you. Alternately you could hire someone to buy for you and train your staff. You should go over all the orders and ask intelligent questions as to “why do we need this? Is there a cheaper way to do this? Etc.”

If you are a small shop doing mostly casting I think you could keep one or two staff busy with a caster and flasks, burn out oven, torch and crucibles and finishing tumblers and a buffer. I wouldn’t see these items costing over $3000 or so and there are probably ways to do it even cheaper if you were very clever and did some DIY. OTOH, you could spend a great deal more than this for a complete shop to do all kinds of work in quantities.

You’d really have to be more specific about your situation to take advantage of the expertise available here. It isn’t clear what you want to do.

Hi both Richard and Roy,
Out of interest, I clicked on this gentlemans’ profile and his history here, has been rather contraversial .
He also mentioned in one of his posts that he collects? jewellery? machinery as a hobby?
In addressing such an enquiry here on this forum, I find it a useful intellectual exercise for me and any one in this trade. Tho id be surprised if anything comes of it.