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Silver laser wire with platinum

An article from LaserStarsays in part " [use] sterling silver
welding wire with 5 percent platinum content when laser welding
silver. “This is my absolute number one tip for laser welding
says Staley.* “This wire welds beautifully, andthe weld
holds nicely and doesn’t have porosity.”

This sounds worth a try to me (and my boss) but I cannot find any
other reference to this wire. Does anyone know where we can buy 30ga
sterling wire with 5% plainum?


Hoover and Strong offers a 3% palladium in 1 to 24 ga.

Steve Satow speaks of the 30ga 5% Platinum wire in this article, but
I don’t see him listing a source. You could try contacting him

I’m sorry, but why not use standard sterling? What happens when the
rest of the object being welded tarnishes at a different rate than
the platinum/silver alloy? The PUK04 performs perfectly with the same
alloy being welded.

Jeff Herman

I’d try LaserStar, Noel. If they’re recommending it in an article,
I’ll bet they have it…

Dave Phelps

Stuller used to carry a sterling platinum laser wire, still have
most ofa spool of it. Reason I still have most of the spool is I
stopped usingit, Yes it is easy to work with a provides a great weld
but it never seemed to be a good color match for any of the sterling
pieces I worked on. Stullers continuum silver laser wire is a little
more difficult to work with but it is the best color match I’ve
found for sterling. Gary

I'd try LaserStar, Noel. If they're recommending it in an article,
I'll bet they have it.. 

It does not appear that they sell sterling wire of any
description… At least, it isn’t in their on line estore.

Steve Satow, are you out there? Can you help?