Silver iodine patina

I have been told that gold and silver can be patinaed with Iodine,
but I can’t get it to work. Does anyone know about this?


I dont use iodine as a patina, but I do use it for checking for
existing solder seams! Its great for that. If you have a repair that
is an old ring and you know it must have been sized a bunch of
times-rather than using a low torch flame which is risky-just use
iodine-the seams show right up.


there are several formula for color patinas on silver and one for a
patina on gold in the book:

creative gold and silversmithing by sharr choate isbn: 0-517-lo 0036

silver patinas

dark gray, french gray, crimson, purple and brown, jet black, yellow
(gold colored), green, steel blue, gold color, black and gray,

the book is available at amazon.

lee epperson