Silver inlay question

Greetings from Australia! I am trying to find out if there is any
possible way of retaining the white, freshly out of the Sparex,
colour on silver. I am inlaying other metals into the silver and
the contrast is fantastic. However customers cannot be
guaranteed that the pieces will remain the same and brass
brushing etc brings up the shine and reduces the contrast. I was
wondering if there are any refined matt lacquer products or
anything which will unobtrusively seal the surface (radical I
know but I have to solve this problem somehow as it is central
to my whole range of work).

Also does anyone have the name of the suppliers of sterling
sheet bonded with 22ct gold (.5mm). It costs a packet thru
local suppliers and I was wanting to see if I could get it
direct. Thanks & regards Christel

Christie If you are speking of what is called bi-metal, a sheet
of silver with either 18K or 22K gold bonded to it, I have used
:Hauser and Miller Company 800-462-7447 or 314-487-1311 You may
want to look into this. Elizabeth

Christel -

Hauser & Miller Co., 10950 Lin-Valle Drive, St. Louis, Missouri
63123 makes the sheets you inquired about in your “Silver inlay
question” post.

Their phone number is (314) 487-1311. Toll free is (800)
462-7447. Their fax number is (800) 535-3829.

Hope that helps you cut your costs.



Christel, THE best source and pricing that I have found is from
Hauser & Miller Company, in St. Louis, Missouri. Phone # 800 -
462 - 7447, and fax is 314 - 487 - 0394. They have available
18K yellow gold on sterling and 22K gold on sterling. Both are
available in 3" x 12" maximum dimensions. 18K comes in 20 and
24 ga. thickness and 22 K in 18 ga. and 24 ga. They are very
helpful and always carefully wrap the metal so is scratch free.
I hope this tip will be helpful to you! Susan