Silver in crystal?

On the subject of glass on metal, I recently saw crystal
champagne glasses that had metal imbeded in it forming beautiful
designs. Each piece had the same design in silver that seemed to
be part of the crystal. Does anyone have an idea of how this is

We would apreciate ideas on how its done or where to read about
the technique


Hi. I am also interested in this process, and if any one does it
can you contact me please . I have made cherub champagne glasses
one of a kind that I would like to find a production route for.
Nice to be in your group, thanks for the hellos. Happy New Year

They were likely electroformed. Sometimes one will see tea sets
or vases with the most incredible ‘inlaid’ silver, flush with
surface of the glass or ceramic and polished, even engraved. This
was done in the 20’s and later. The glass or ceramic would be
engraved into, a conductive silver solution painted (or deposited
by mirroring) into the depressions, the silver electroformed
level with and over the surface of the ceramic or glass, then
filed back and polished flush to the surface, then engraved. It
is quite beautiful and some contemporary glass people have
experimented with copper electroforming in a similar way. Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

Elizabeth: this is just an educated guess; there was a guy in
Lapidary Journal some years ago that did silver in stones and if
I remember he used electroforming process. Dave

Hi Charles Sorry I took so long to reply. You are right, the work
is quite beautiful. My family in Peru has sets probably brought
from Europe some time ago. Recently we have seen vases and other
objects. George thought it might be electroforming but we
thought it was a wild guess. Thanks again Elizabeth