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Silver in antibiotics

Anybody been reading about the medical crowd using anti-biotics plus
silver to attack the nasty bugs that have become a. b. resistant?
What will THAT do to the price of silver!!!

Linda Kaye-Moses

To the price of silver nothing as I was one of the first severe burn
cases back in the 1980’s to have experimental silver burn cream used
on my 2cd and 3rd degree burns on my right hand from a faulty gs
stove in a rental. You cannot even see it was burned t all my
fingers are swell. :smiley: Silver is used all the time and the burn cream
is very nice. When if need be I go to an er for a burn larger than
the size of a half dollar I ask for a little jar of the stuff to
keep on hand in my refrigerator. No cold isn;t necessary but when
burned it sure feels better lol I lost my last jar in the house fire
darn well hopefully I shall never need it again.

Silver is pretty cool stuff.


silver has been used for hundreds of years to treat burns; Silvadine
was the most common in use when I was working in ER. Another
interesting item then was we used tincture of Cocaine to treat nose


I used that cream for the first time last fall, after not paying
close enough attention when opening my steam dewaxer one night!
Ended up with a steam burn and blister(the next day) larger than the
length of my hand! That was a Thursday night and didn’t make it to
Doctor until Monday morning, but even with the wait, there is no real
scar. a slight redness and the skin is more sensitive to irritants,
but If you didn’t know I had been burned there less than a year ago,
you wouldn’t notice! Pretty incredible stuff! I keep the leftovers on
hand for future emergencies! just wish I had two tubes. one for home
and one for the studio!


Silver in the medical field.

I am an RN. I still work as an assistant to a surgeon one day a week
and the rest of the time I am a jeweler. Themedical field has been
using silver in several ‘bug fitting’ medicines since I have been a
nurse. more than 20 years now, and I am sure the stuff was around
way before my time. The best example I can think of is a silver
cream that is used on burn victims in our burn unit. It is Very
Expensive and the patient gets coated in the stuff daily after
whirlpool therapy. Thatis just one item. There are several more and
they have also been around aslong as I have worked in a hospital.

I was told by an instructor long ago that silverware was 'invented’
because it did not grow mold on it like wooden utensils did since
people back then did not believe in hot soap and water to wash
things, however only the rich had the silverware - in thecastle.
Kinda Funny Somethings Never Change… No worries though on the
medical field using our pretties up! They have been for a long time.
:wink: joykruse


A few comments here, first let me say I personally am not trained in
any phase of this allopathically or naturopathically. Both words not
accepted by monitoring dictionary, so for elucidation, tradition
Western medicine, or Integrative, including Eastern medical

Some years ago as a silversmith friend was at the end of his life,
one of our circle approached him with the suggestion of taking
Colloidal Silver and brought along the device he had bought to make
his own solution. This did indeed incorporate the very silver, fine,
my friend used in making his famous Roman Chains. The person
offering the use of his machine, had a definite Blue tinge to his
skin. The offer was refused and my silversmith friend, instructor,
did sadly pass away.

Last week, my grandson who works for Whole Foods and is
enthusiastically promoting healthy living and eating for himself and
all of us. Plants organically, juices green veggies, reads labels
etc, does walk his talk, came down with an upper respiratory virus.
One of the recommended supplements he took was pill firm colloidal
silver. This tells me that if it is on the shelves at Whole Foods,
it is in common use. That department staff is regularly trained to
informatively reply to customers questions. They regularly watch
approved health related videos. If public, we are encouraged to
watch them here at home as well. Believe me, we now read labels
knowing what to look for and avoid. (anything you can’t pronounce,

A virus does not respond to antibiotics, to be correctly treated if
sneezing, coughing, the exudes must be cultured to determine of
viral or bacterial. Only then may an anti-biotic be properly
prescribed, if the culture is positive for bacteria. Sadly since
discovery, antibiotics are the most universally incorrectly
prescribed medicines. Bacteria are now so resistant to antibiotics
that hospital borne infections are out of control.

Colloidal silver, research and make your own decision.

Antibiotics, unless proven bacterial, don’t take them.

Teresa Masters

Hello All,

Over prescription (and in some countries over the counter self
medication of antibacterials) is an issue, but so is not taking the
entire treatment. many stop when feeling better and create resistant
strains of bacteria.

If you must be entered into hospital care try to leave as soon as
possible. the chance of getting an infection from a hospital
(nosocomial infection) increases with every day of stay… and they
will not likely be the easy to kill type.

Silvadene is a wonderful topical.

Ric Furrer
Door County Forgeworks

Silver has known antibiotic properties, you must of heard the
expression “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”- there is a
truth to that the use of silver cutlery has health implications
beyond that of the diet of the rich. Silver is added in very small
quantities to bioglass for bone and tooth reconstruction, it has the
effect of fixing nitrous oxide in cells, particularly bone cells and
so promotes blood vessel dilation and thus oxygen getting to the
affected areas. Viagra was developed as a heart drug to do the same
thing and entonox is administered to those who are having asthma
attacks as it relaxes the person and gives them the oxygen they
need. I believe that the presence of silver causes the bacteria to
overabsorb oxygen causing the cells to self destruct wherethe body
cells dont react so quickly as their reproduction rate is a lot
slower. Basically it is a catalyst. Nick Royall

Hello! I believe colloidal silver was used as an antibiotic before
penicillin was developed. I personally have taken colloidal silver
internally for an acute Candida condition I had more than 20 years
ago. It was prescribed by a holistic doctor I was seeing at the time.
(Actually I still see him from time to time as he saved me from a
painful arthritic condition that was manifested by food allergies.)
This guy is the real deal. Colloidal silver is extremely dangerous if
not used properly. In fact garlic will produce about the same healing
results as the colloidal silver without the danger. I am allergic to
garlic so I used the colloidal silver. I did purchase the stuff from
the DR or at Whole Foods. Do not try to make this stuff yourself. Rio
used to post a warning that their fine silver is NOT appropriate
material to make colloidal silver. I don’t know if this is still the
case, but please proceed with caution. Regards, Rita

Anybody been reading about the medical crowd using anti-biotics
plus silver to attack the nasty bugs that have become a. b.
resistant? What will THAT do to the price of silver!!! 

I don’t expect it’ll do any more to the price of silver than it has
in the past 25 years I’ve been using it. I make my own colloidal
silver. Very easy - and cheap - to make, very simple to use. Also,
very effective. I don’t claim to be a doctor, so I can only offer my
own personal testimony as to it’s effectiveness. As to being
blue… one would have to ingest copious amounts over a prolonged
period to get a slight bluish cast to the skin. If you’re prone to
getting colds and flu, do yourself a favor and research colloidall
silver. I’m sure there’s going to be many who put CS down - this
subject has already been beaten to death here a few years ago. Do
your own research and make your own decision. For me, I made mine…
I knock out colds, flus, and being a smoker, everything goes straight
to my chest. CS knocks it right out instead of having a nagging cough
for weeks. I even controlled an abcessed tooth for a while till I
could get to a dentist. CS is very easy and cheap to make. All you
need is a couple.999 pure silver rods about the size of a pencil
lead, 3 nine-volt batteries, some wire leads with alligator clips and
some distilled water. The hospitals, health food stores and the like
are quite “proud” of silver medications… something you can make
yourself for pennies. Since this is actually an off-topic subject,
I’ll say no more. If you’re interested and want to know more, contact
me off-list. If you think I’m nuts, well, that’s your priviledge.
Keep paying those big dollars for the high-dollar designer
antibiotics with questionable results and fill your body with stuff
the doctors don’t even know what they do to you…and have a good
life. Just remember - read all the warnings and possible side
effects. I certainly don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s
happiness… or cause any one of our grand and wonderful
pharmaceutical companies to miss out on any money while they "treat"
you instead of “cure” you… Think about it.


No idea about the the press on it but I avidly use, used to
prescribe, fully endorse and know the full virtues of silver
nitrates, very fine silver meshes of the highest purity, fine silver
containing clays and many silver containing USP/BP preparations and
their multitudinous uses and applications for human and animal
maladies. I can’t endorse them enough- for the most part; those found
in health food stores listing “silver” should be scrutinised for the
ingredients avoiding those based on colloidal silver (or gold) should
be avoided as they are in no way efficacious against. well, they’re
useless save for the emollient or otherwise soothing to skin base it
may be suspended in !.

Colloidal silver (or gold) however is a preparation I believe many
equate with the real thing(s)…and should not put much faith into:
in a word, its pretty well useless for any treatment that would
obliterate bacterial infections, ocular complaints to burns, etc.
partially due to the uselessness of homoeopathy: If one believes gem
elixirs, flower waters and most homoeopathic remedies work for them,
however, then a “colloidal” precious metal preparation may be for
that individual, but for most westerners (W. hemisphere) homoeopathy
does little if anything to deliver actual curing of most serious
illness or injuries. Not to dismiss that if it works for a specific
individual believing homoeopathy is a valid medicinal treatment for
that person who can argue that, and why would one want to- but
because if anything taken into the body as subtle as even mint
flavoured dentifrices cancels out the efficacy of homoeopathic
preparations, and one’s body must be “clean” to begin with(free of
all things from a meat based diet to tobacco, alcohol, etc.,as though
the system were like a newborn’s) it will not work, at least on a
level one can observe…

The preparations with various forms of fine silver on the market and
proliferating in over-the-counter products do work as it is actual
silver killing bacteria, spores from various fungal infections, true
vermin in animals, and even as a protectant “filter” in a "band-aid"
type adhesive strip to cover draining wounds, scrapes, and other skin
conditions is a renaissance of products dating from mid to late 19th
cent. when the values of silver in medicine were widely explored and
exploited. Silver, and when I say silver, I do mean fine silver or
better (.9999) has been known for its beneficial action against gram

  • bacteria for years and years, and was elemental in further research
    in medical arts and sciences that yielded a broad spectrum of
    preparations that became commonplace in druggists and chemist’s
    repertoire’s, only falling out of popularity in the post-WWII years
    when pharmaceutical giants began replacing tried and true USP/BP
    registries with synthetic and ‘experimental’ drugs that forced
    changes in the pharmacopoeias in many parts of the developed world.

The applications of silver containing products in " man and beast"
are vast. and reasonably fast acting depending on the condition it is
for, the form of and/ or active silver ingredient contained in the
product or Rx. A note if using a silver mesh 'band-aid",it isn’t
necessary to use a 3x antibiotic with it unless you apply a slight
film of it, just let the silver contact the wound. In animals, if
worming for instance, don’t use a silver clay with a chemical
wormer,- again let the silver do the work to the extent possible
until you see a need for a different approach, if any.*Always * when
using a tube of any silver preparation keep in mind contamination:
use a cotton swab (sterile preferably) to gather the amount
necessary and apply it once using a second swab if necessary. If
draining a wound dip the end of the wooden pick into the preparation
then use the amount as directed, again take a second if necessary. If
its a solution to be swiped on, use a cotton wool/ball or absorbent
pad only once- no “double dipping”…

If you have any questions feel free to contact me off list. rer

As an addendum to my prior message regarding colloidal silver, and a
question I received off list, today I did some research. Without
personal comment other than I found this very interesting, here is
the link.

For all of us metals smith’s besides being jewelers, another metal
that is highly antibiotic is copper. The pickle we use that
accumulates minute amounts of copper is one of the best solutions we
have at our disposal to clean wounds. If you get cut, the acid bath
is mild enough not to harm, and the copper is great to help clean it
out. As to the other thread about HIV, there should be no worries.
The virus dies very quickly if it is not kept moist. Even in a moist
state it dies fast in sunshine. If someone is scared to use tools
feeling there is the HIV virus hanging on, just wash them in a
dilute bleach solution. Problem we are encountering today is the
lack of exposure to pathogens/viruses/bacteria’s that normally our
body would build immunities. Most people are so obsessed about
having a sterile environment that when they are exposed to those
substances our bodies use to shrug off, we are getting sicker. Yes
clean things, yes try and avoid injuring yourself, but do not fear
what pour body use to process and protect us from.

Aggie on a 8000 ft mountain top in a cool 72 degree weather pattern,
waving at all my friends back in Florida

Hi Rebecca,

Errr I frankly don’t know enough to have an opinion on the medicinal
properties of copper loaded pickle, but there are two things you
should be aware of.

(A) Have you ever gotten (Sparex) pickle into a cute Stings worse
(much) than pure alcohol. I don’t even want to think what the citrus
pickle would feel like. Which brings up point number two.

(B) this is a worldwide list. Not everybody uses Sparex (Sodium
Bisulphate). Some folks use the Citric acid pickle, some folks use
vinegar+salt, and some traditionalists still use dilute sulphuric
acid. That would be all sorts of fun in a wound, copper salts or
no. Your intention was pure, and this is good, but please try to
remember your audience as well.


In the USA its called " Iatrogenic disease," that is diseases one
can contract being more likely simply from being in a hospital

Most often as a patient in rooms that are, let’s say, less than
well-cleaned after the previous patient, and increasingly : from
being in the closed air systems of hospitals as a visitor, clinic
(day in and out ) patient, or even in a family waiting room-
particularly those that allow children, as well as most commonly ill
attended/cleaned emergency room patient waiting and triage/intake
areas. in that order (as of 2010, Tulane University Community

As for Silver Sulfadiazine, (of which silvadene - is a brand) it is
primarily for burns, though will assist with swelling and maladies
that are /were related to treatment with sulfa-drugs but due to a
fair amount of reported dermal and otherwise, reactions to sulfa
drugs prednisone and hydro-cortisone replaced the topical class.
Silvadene is a prescription medication as an ointment in a tub. So
contamination of the tub is easy if one doesn’t pay attention. It is
fine for kiln burns, hot wire or workpiece burns and other ‘dry skin’
burns- that is, burns that do not leave open wounds immediately. A
blister from a kiln burn or hot metal that develops can be kept
intact (sterlie) and greatly lessened, if not obliterated, with a
solution made of boiled/sterile water and citric acid and kept in a
glass or nitrile bottle with a squirt on top that seals closed in
your studio first aid kit/shelf (right near the eyewash station !!!).
In india lemon juice is used -straight from the freshly cut lemon- on
burn blisters to ease the pain and reduce the amount/size of the
blister on the skin almost immediately.

However, Better yet for the small studio or any first-aid kit for
that matter - is Silver nitrate swabs. They are a fantastic
antibiotic affecting a broad range of bacteria species sold in a
single use swab of 75% silver nitrate/25% potassium nitrate in a
light and moisture proof container maybe 10 inches long, and costs
about 30 dollars from most on-line vendors that will sell this to the
general public as a first -aid remedy (, whom I have no
relationship whatsoever and neither endorse nor do not endorse, has a
number of vendors supplying the product for a number of prices!!).The
small continer is a good idea for many reasons- not only does it take
up far less space in your first-aid kit or area but minimizes the
risks of contamination of the entire lot, and is without the possible
contaminants of “DIY” preparations or salves that, one person in a
painful situation may forget and dab some right out of a tub in a
shared studio onto their wound, or where no applicators are available
immediately wherein there isn’t an alternative to direct contact
with the product especially when you are experiencing the pain of a
metal burn!.Some people compare silvadene to bactroban and an entire
range of antibiotics specific to certain (diagnosed) bacteria, and is
not equivalent to a triple antibiotic. It is spected by many medical
and health care research facilities as one of the problems in
emergent resistant strains of bacteria- far better to go with the
anti-bacterial preparation for one’s diagnosed skin condition, cut,
scrape or burn beyond simple emergency, in studio first-aid.

It should be understood that the actual salts resulting from the
reaction of silver with nitric acid and water as are often found in
the bottom of the glass beaker in DIY preparations when the silver
content, or voltage is higher than making the solution for topical
application is exceeded, or a number of reactions from “reacting”
silver other than a “soak” without current in a carefully measured
amount of nitric acid and water can be toxic if in too large a
proportion to the sterile solution.

(Silver nitrate is made by reacting silver that is “medically pure
or .9999” with nitric acid- which basically means placing a measured
amount of cleaned fine silver in sterile water and passing a current
through it in a glass beaker with a rheostat - like you would use for
your small plating set-up using glass instead of a stainless beaker
or container - resulting in silver nitrate, water and oxides of
silver that rapidly dissipate into the ambient air in an open

It can also cause light sensitivity in the skin it is applied to
even if you have handled fine silver in its solid state for years and
years, the salts - so please don’t think it is 100% safe for all
skins, all situations and all diseases. If something doesn’t look
right after applying the solution or using a swab after 2-3 days seek
medical assistance. Skin discolouration is common (purple to black)
if the solution is too strong or one has an allergy to the
preparation so wash it off as soon as noticed and seek an alternative
route to treatment. Silver nitrate is caustic as salts, so be aware
of the possible precautions one should observe with any topical
preparation and chemical compound and have always, a neutraliser in
your first-aid area (baking soda/bicarbonate of soda and water will
work for this as for neutralising pickle so you should consider it a
must have in the small studio ! …In the case of the solution made
yourself following proper instruction or with the assistance of a
chemist, forgetting to keep the preparation area and container(s) as
clean and sterile as possible while preparing the solution or storing
it is risky. Since ultimately one may keep using the solution on skin
if the burn opens, or for whatever skin condition needs an antibiotic
to aid in healing more rapidly than with just green soap tincture or
even soap and water.

In a word Jewellery Makers- be safe and take care in all things you
do around molten metal, equipment and know how to treat chemical
burns, eye splash wounds, and with what. Make sure the “what” is
either purchased from a reliable vendor or made by a very skilled and
knowledgeable source. Know how to neutralise spiills of studio
chemicals on surfaces and going into waste water/greywater systems as
well as on the skin, be it your skin or that of a studio mate or
student’s and have a proper first-aid certification updated in a
school setting as necessary. At least one person should know
first-aid in a small studio and keeping your studio outfitted with
first-aid consumables should be as important as keeping ones work
related consumables well stocked.


I can’t agree more with your comments to Rebecca. Also, for those
using Sparex, there are other ingredients in it than just Sodium
Bisulphate (pH down)- the brown slick that comes off of a new batch
of freshly mixed up pickle was from a “clay” added as filler from
sewerage and water board treatment plants as a secondary market
industrial product sold by a firm in Minnesota. or that was Krohn’s
explanation a few years ago. I can remember when I first encountered
a student bringing an unopened bag into the studio for her pickle pot
and observing the thick sludge on top. then a thread on Orchid
appeared a few weeks later about removing the sludge ( it would be
somewhere in the Orchid archives around 2008 or 9 if not earlier) !

Anybody been reading about the medical crowd using anti-biotics
plus silver to attack the nasty bugs that have become a. b.
resistant? What will THAT do to the price of silver!!! 

I saw this too. Talk about good news/bad news! I wonder how much
warning we’ll get that it’s time to stock up before this hits the
fan. And how low will the current trend go?


Curent silver prices are based on emotion and fear. Not supply and

The same hold true for Gold.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer