Silver hardness differences

Hi folks.

A customer of mine wants to know the hardness difference between
sterling silver and coin silver. or either 900 or 850 fine. I
thought more copper would make it harder and subject to more
oxidation. but its only an educated guess as to the actual hardness

Anyone know the answer or a source for that thanks.


Johnny- There are many new silver alloys out there with varying
degrees of hardness. However the rule of thumb is Fine silver is the
softest, then sterling then coin or 800 silver being the hardest.

For more info on the Vickers Metal Hardness Scale…

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer


here is Oz we have new sterling alloys appearing. A friend had a
piece cast in sterling looked OK but when she polished it wore away
like fine silver with tripoli. Have to be careful don’t you never know
what you are getting.

Xtines Jewels

Fine silver 22-27 HV annealed, cold worked 100 HV Sterling silver
56-66 HV annealed, cold worked 140-180 HV Coin silver is just
slightly harder but it falls in the same ranges given above for

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts