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Silver Gold mountings!

I’ve been reading that some folks here are setting bezels in sterling
silver, yes its softer than the gold, no doubt. but how softer is it?
lots! you gotta make sure that the hammer is at its lightest
pressure, we discussed this evening gold is a bit easier to work
with. why? it has a bit more resistance with the hammer action. I
suggest that you should try both metals, there might be a concern and
you should not overlook the possibility in assuming all metals are
like silver. I know gold can be a tad more expensive, but try it out,
once in a while. feel the difference of hammering the metal over the
cabochon stone, remember the way the file scallops the metal and
producing the clean effect, observe the finished item. examine if
there are any pin-holes, polish the two rings yourself, don’t
overlook that one day you might be working on both metals at once.
remember that neither of them are going to have the same finish. if
possible take mental notes to yourself, are you going to file as
heavy on gold as you might on silver? in making a claw setting with
stones, are you going to cut in too much too fast. all of these
observation must be remembered. have fun ! …my choice of metals?
gold is number one…gerry!