Silver Foil Leaf

Hi Pam, Sepp Leaf Products is a major wholesaler of precious metal
leaf (they carry gold, silver, palladium and platinum in many alloys
and karats). They also carry silver foil. I’ve been buying gold and
silver leaf for hot glasswork for over 10 years, from several
suppliers, and Sepp’s prices are very competetive. They have a $100
minimum, however. You usually have to buy in packages of 20 books
unless they happen to have an open package, then they will sell
individual books. Most leaf is imported from Germany and Italy.

Sepp Leaf Products
381 Park Ave. South
New York, NY 10016

Easy Leaf is another large supplier in Los Angeles. I used to buy
from them several years ago, but switched to Sepp. Don’t happen to
have their number handy. You could probably find them in the phone
book if you wished to compare prices.

Rene Roberts