Silver Filigree?

We’re interested in trying silver filigree work, but haven’t
been able to track down any or instructions.

We’ve heard a couple of vague rumors, such as that the designs
are usually done on a pin board and the soldering is done with a
powdered solder.

Can anyone out there give us additional info. or tell us where
to look?

Any assistance appreciated -

We're interested in trying silver filigree work, but haven't
been able to track down any or instructions.


The book Jewelry Making and Design,by Rose and Cirino, Dover,
is an older but very thorough book which features the
construction of many filigreed pieces. Perhaps this will get you
started. The book is out there at B&N and others.

Jeanne A.

I seem to remember that Oppi Uttrek’s (sp) 1st book has a nice
chapter on filigree. She goes into a technique by Mexican
goldsmiths and shows examples from some different countries.
Very interesting reading.

The Silvermaking books (no. 2), about the techniques of American
Indians in Arizona also has a brief photo demonstration of how
they made filigree.

Sorry I do not have better on the titles of these
two books but someone else on the forum will be able to clarify
that in a jiffy. Hope this helps a bit.



A member of the Gem Cutter’s Guild of Baltimore (a man in his
mid-80’s) has just written a second book on filigree. I think
that when it is finished it will sell for $15. He took it upon
himself about six year ago to research the lost art of filigree.
He traveled to Europe and telephoned people all over the world
to track down The end result is that at the Guild
we have had classes teaching Filigree. I have been doing it for
several years but not in the fine, 0ld-fashioned way he is doing
it. The second version of his book is his incorporating
filigree into enameling. By the way, did I bother to mention
that about two years ago he decided to learn enameling and he
enrolled at Towson State to study under John Fixx to learn

I guess what they say is true - activity and stimulation keeps
one young.

If you are interested in obtaining one of his books you can
e-mail me your snail-mail address and I will be glad to pass it
on to him. I have an advance copy since he considers me the one
who will continue his filigree after he leaves this earth
(personally I think he will outlive me).

I helped his on his first version and I can say that the new one
is a better version.



I have never tried filigree myself, but I had the opportunity to
observe filigree pieces being made when I lived in Malaysia. I
visited a silver shop/factory in Northern Malaysia, and the
owner gave me a tour when I told him that I did silver work as a
hobby. What I remember is - they draw their own wire, I would
guess about 30 gauge. The wire is rolled to flatten it. It is
then manually twisted. The twisted wire is formed into a
variety of shapes by hand on brass jigs. The pieces are put
together on a soldering block (I don’t remember any pins being
used). Powdered solder is spread over the individual filigree
pieces, and a soft flame is used to solder the whole thing
together. 20 The shop owner sold me a few feet of the twisted
silver wire and I have been planning to make some of my own
filigree for years but…

Good luck trying.