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Silver Coating (anti-tarnish)


Alan Revere…I have used Haggerties Silver Polish for
years and concur that it is a superior silver cleaning material.
I have used it interchangeably with Goddard’s and find them
equally good, but I’ve never done ageing tests. Was Goddard’s
included in your time tests?

Sol K


Haggerty’s vs. Goddard’s: It was several years ago that we
tested all the products we could find. At the time we were
producing lots of silver and gold earrings which took little
wear, and where longevity of the surface was a goal. I think
that Haggerty’s performed better over the course of our test. It
would be interesting if any of the Orchid readers have more
to add.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco


Hi…Haggerty polishing cloths are great, I agree. The
only problem I experience with them is that they dry out rather
quickly and loose their cleaning capabililty (tarnish, etc.,
removal). Anybody have a method to revitalize a dry cloth?
Haggerty could improve usefullness by packing them in a plastic
ziplock bag within the box container as a part of the


On completed pieces that just need a little touching up I use
what my Mom (a non jeweler) always used on household silver stuff-
SEEDS Merit Silver Polish. The product claims that it does not
remove any silver during the cleaning process and the anitarnish
protection lasts a good long time. Its a product that has been
around for ages. I don’t think the packaging has changed since
the turn of the century!