Silver clay - Do you sell it?

successful, but I will try again.  It is expensive - $30 an
ounce.  It is fired at 1600 degrees F. for two hours, in a kiln.

This bring up a point…do the jewelers who use it sell it? At
3x the cost of silver I’m just wondering if customers are willing
to pay the added expense. I’m taking a class on PMC in a couple
of weeks and am looking forward to seeing what it can do but as
far as adding it as a regular part of my line…I have a hard
enough time pricing my silver work without 3 times the material
costs! Is there a market for finished work in PMC?

Amy O’Connell

I haven’t used clay yet, but I want to model some pendant
designs and then make some vulcanized rubber molds for casting.
I hate carving wax. I have tremors in my right hand, so wax
carving just ain’t my thing.

Cheers from the one-handed jeweler …

Virginia Lyons