Silver casting?

Another true to life story that is just now sadly happening! For the
past 7+ years I have been giving my friendly silver-caster all of my
school and clients rings for casting.

Now here is the sad update! I had some of my prized silver models to
cast for my growing line. These had to be used for photographic
purposes. I asked him what they were to be used for, and these had to
be almost perfect with no pin-holes, anywhere.

Two casino-disks I have, has 525 stones in each, he never got those,
lucky for me! Two weeks later, I picked them up and took them home. I
was almost sick!! Most of them had pin-holes large enough to drive a
car through. I literally scrapped half of the order, my jeweller will
spend much more time in trying to ‘fix’ the remaining pieces. Another
caster made my other pieces in silver and these were mixed with a
special (??) alloy. Even the colour of the metal was nicer looking.

I spoke to his wax-injector who subsequently left him three weeks
ago, what is going on? She told me many times that she saw that he
isn’t refining any of his old silver, she knew about my last major
occurrence! I must now change this silver casting company.

Moral of this story, “there are more fish in the sea” and never
depend on just one business to do your specialized needs. I need to
have ‘my hands on’ at all times! I might have wasted hard earned
money, but now I’m much more wiser.

"Friends are friends, but business is still business!"
Gerry Lewy…

I’ve never had a bad experience with Associated Casting in Miami Fl.


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Paf Dvorak