Silver caster needed

Greetings Orchidians,

I have a “special project”…a sterling silver cane handle. This
baby weighs in at over 10 oz. of silver, and the company that
normally handles my gold casting can’t get this thing to cast without
major pits. Can anyone out there direct me to a caster in the US
that is used to working on sculptural-sized castings?

Doug Zaruba

Hey Doug I Know of Talix casting house in NY,that would do silver
castings (sculpture size)they use the vacuum system ,and are a
foundry. good luck

Hello Doug, I have done quite a few handles and other parts that are
on some of the more famous trophy’s…Please feel free to contact me
off line or by email at tel: 4014617803

Daniel Grandi we also do a lot of
sterling and gold castings for the trade.

Hi Doug,

The MJSA show guide is a great resource for that type of project.
MJSA is also helpful if you call them on the phone and ask for what
you need in particular.(they will send or fax a list) I would also
recommend contacting a caster in the Rode Island-Massachusetts area.
Another silver caster to ask advice from is Joe at Ampex casting on
47th st. in NYC, or rw manufacturers in Rochester New York.

I hope this helps.