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Silver as Bacteriacide

Hi all,

Alexander the Great insisted on only drinking water from his silver
helmet which had stood overnight to avoid getting sick, and the
insides of milk tankers are silver plated to prevent spoilage.

Check out this story about odor free clothing through silver


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Colloidal silver is highly touted as a remedy for cancer and deep
infections, Ever heard of silvadene? Made for burns and is
antiseptic, the Romans used silvers coins to put in their drinking
vessels to keep the water from getting bad, they also tied a coin
over spear wounds to prevent gangrene. Personally I use colloidal
silver in my battle against liver cancer and truth is I haven’t been
sick a single day since!


Indeed -

I have been using isolated colloidal silver for years. Great on cuts
and scrapes and as a gargle for sore throats and even used as a
nasal spray can fend off sinus infection. Mixed with bentonite clay
makes a great application for all manner of bites and skin

Some people take it internally too, but where bacteria cannot live
in it, you must replace the friendly bacteria in your gut (
i.e.yogurt, etc) or you will have problems…Great for a toothbrush
soak too. Similar to iodine for cuts…

Mary Beth M.

I realized my wording may not have been clear - when I say similar to
iodine - I was referring to the fact that silver is often used as
topical application, in liquid form and with similar results. I
would not, however - Ingest nor make a nasal spray out of iodine!

Ringman - would love to hear more about your findings! Do you take
silver internally?

Mary Beth

I realized my wording may not have been clear - when I say similar to
iodine - I merely was referring to the fact that is it a topical
application in liquid form and with similar results. I would not,
however - Ingest nor make a nasal spray out of iodine

Ringman - would love to hear more about your findings! Do you take
silver internally?

Mary Beth

I saw on “Good Morning America” where people who drink that silver
supplement sold in health food stores, have a very bad side effect.
Drink it long enough and your skin will eventfully turn blue. It’s
permanent. Never goes away! Very freaky looking. Look it up on the
internet, there are many articles.


Well, Silver is also a homeopathic element. When I was breastfeeding
my son, 13 years ago, I got a bad breast infection and my doctor
gave me “Argentum” shots. One day later the infection was gone.
Usually you get antibiotics and you have to stop breastfeeding
because of this.

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When I used to make crowns and bridges in a dentist’s office years
ago, the main dentist maintained that silver was a indeed a
bacteriacide. He’d seen countless silver amalgam fillings-- which he
often replaced with the then “new” composites–which were rattling in
the tooth preps. After years, the alloy shrank or was worn away at
the margins, becoming loose enough to lose their “Marginal seals” but
not loose enough to fall out. He was intrigues that further decay
did not seem to occur to any significant degree.

Take care, Andy Cooperman

take a look at - Blue Man From Montana

Colloidal Silver: Risk Without Benefit

Best regards,

I have been making my own, drinking it and spraying it up my sinuses
when necessary for years. I’m not blue and I don’t know any other
users of colloidal silver who appear to be even slightly blue. If
you read the articles, you will find that the blue coloration is a
result of using way too much for a long period of time. Seems there
are a lot more articles about turning blue than people who have
actually turned blue. Colloidal silver does work and is very easy
and inexpensive to produce yourself.

Truth is people who turn blue abuse it or make it themselves without
consideration of size of silver particulates. silver is like a
tattoo, once there it doesn’t leave easily!


So far I have been taking colloidal silver in three week doses about
4 times a year, it seems to give me more energy, I don’t get sick,
And cancer has not taken the breath from me yet! Sometimes I wonder
about positive attitudes and things that facilitate the body to
enable it’s own defenses to work but it seems to be a better life
with than without! And if yera biblethumper it states humans that
live thru the apocalypse will inherit the earth but will be a
different color. Perhaps because this will be the only way to fight
the final disease? Food for thought folks…



Colloidal silver can be VERY dangerous. Please do a search of
colloidal silver and check the discussion on



Anyone thinking of ingesting colloidal silver should first do a
Google search on the subject, “colloidal silver” to determine whether
it might be a good thing or not.

Cheers for now,
JohnB of Mapua, Nelson NZ

We are so cautious about using proper ventillation, dust collectors,
masks etc. We need to be cautious about silver we intentionally put
in our bodies as well. Beware of a disease called Argyria caused by
ingesting colloidal silver.

A woman I saw highlighted on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not took
colloidal silver in a nasal spray when she was a child and woke up
one morning with permanently grey skin! And it’s not an isolated
incident. It has scared me away from colloidal silver to be sure!

Read about her story at:

Like many useful and necessary things there are always unscrupulous
individuals that want to profit from misapplications. Silver
compounds are very valuable in the treatment of serious burns .
Silver sulphadiazine ointments are lifesavers in treating second
and third degree burns. These burns open the body to severe
bacterial attack that is life threatening.

Don’t just take my word for it search:

‘silver burn treatments’


I have been making my own, drinking it and spraying it up my
sinuses when necessary for years.

have to second this.

I also have a generator and have been making my own for years and
drinking it for years. Knocks out stomach upset in minutes should
you get bad food. I am still a little white girl. Got my generator
from I think the quality of your
generator is the answer.

It may be a clue that the Quackwatch website appears first on the
Google search. Most of the rest are trying to ‘sell’ the colloidal
silver with unsubstantiated claims of its effectiveness. Looks
similar to those claimants that years ago sold the watches that
protected people from magnetic fields. When that con ran out of
shills, they started selling magnets to help people. Just think
people. It is not the difficult, and sometimes it is even fun.

I agree Ringman there are always alarmist cases of oh no! Truth be
told people can excess and kill themselves with anything. Even Water
in huge amounts can be lethal.

Do research collidal silver and know the percentages of solution
because some is sold very concentrated and meant to be diluted with
distilled water.

All I know is that as Ringman states short regimes periodically
through the year are indeed what silver was meant for as always
everything in moderation and know what you are taking at anytime and
why the side affects if any are worth the risk.

I wish everyone was as conscientious about perscription drugs and
otc drugs they take. Our body chemistry is uniquely complicated. Be

America’s Only cameo Artist

Everyone is familiar with the term ‘born with a silver spoon in his
or her mouth.’ This is, of course, the PC version demanded by my
Bill Gates word processor. But this old adage has a deeper meaning
that many are unaware of.

During the middle ages, the wealthy used sterling silver for
everything associated with the consumption of their meals. They even
placed silver coins in milk to preserve it. They wore lots of silver
and gold on their person. While everyone else was breaking out in
various plague type diseases, the upper crust was mysteriously
healthy, in spite of the fact that their personal hygiene was as
poor as everyone else=92s. It did not take them long to figure out
that there was something unique about silver and disease prevention.
The wealthy gave their infants silver spoons to suck on to protect
them from the plague, hence the above adage. Long before infant
pacifiers were made from rubber or plastic they were made of silver.
In fact, they are still being made in silver. Check out: a=
a good example. Are you thinking of a new product for your line now?

From the fourteenth through the nineteenth century the most
powerful antibiotic, antibacterial and antifungal medication
available was silver! In 1884, the German obstetrician Dr. K.S.
Crede discovered that a mild silver solution put into a baby=92s
eyes at birth dramatically reduced eye infections. This practice
is still in use today. In fact, the use of colloidal silver was
popular until the advent of synthetic antibiotics, at which time
the pharma cartel succeeded in discouraging its use. There was
just no profit in something costing pennies per gallon to produce.
Unlike synthetic antibiotics with their narrow range of
application, silver is known to be effective against over 650
pathogens, viruses, microbes, fungi and parasites. These critters
do not build up an immunity to silver as they do to antibiotics.
Unlike antibiotics, there are no deleterious side effects with
colloidal silver. 

The disease known as aggria, where silver causes a permanent blue
discoloration of the skin, is of no concern for those taking
properly prepared colloidal silver. You must ingest huge quantities
of silver to get this condition. Professionally prepared colloidal
silver is usually taken at low concentrations, and thus is not
really a cause for concern. Anyone who tells you otherwise is, well,
sadly misinformed. However, if you breath large quantities of silver
dust in your work area, it=92s a different story. But then you can
tell everyone that you are blue blooded.

For those with life threatening diseases, there is a new kind of
bivalent silver known as tetrasilver tetroxide. A single injection
of this stuff has been shown to stop AIDS, and may well be the
ultimate cure for Lyme disease. World-famous Israeli Rabbi Marvin
Antelman developed and patented tetrasilver tetroxide as a cure for
AIDS. He also excommunicated Henry Kissinger, so the guy has to be
cool. Unfortunately, the pharma cartel has the Rabbi on their hit
list, so tetrasilver is hard to find.

Take three nine-volt transistor batteries and snap them together by
the clips on the top of the batteries. On the two remaining
terminals solder a few inches of 99.999 silver wire. Bend these so
the batteries will hang over the side of a drinking glass with the
ends of the wires going into the glass. Bend the wire ends out so
they are in the middle of the glass and not touching each other.
Fill the glass with distilled water until the silver wires are well
immersed. Wait a few hours and bingo, you have made colloidal silver
at around five to fifty parts per million. Shine a laser pointer
into the water while making silver and you can see the colloid
forming. After a few uses, the silver wire will begin to tarnish.
Buff them with a clean cloth for that silvery glow. Drink a glass of
colloidal silver water each day for perfect health, without doctors,
drugs, or deleterious side effects.

Colloidal gold has even more amazing properties. Isn=92t nature

Randolph Post