Silver and ormolu mounts on glass

I have been unable to find any information on how metal mounts are added to glass vessels, as in the images below. There are pieces where the glass can be inserted from the top or bottom, and there is a plating technique called heavy silver overlay. Then there are pieces like this, where neither of those techniques is at play. Can anyone explain, with certainty, how this was done? The piece is by Loetz.

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i wonder…if the glass was blown and then lastly blown into the metal “sleeve”…:thinking:

maybe if you contact Jeffery Herman…or Eliza Nechamkin…perhaps they would have some information…they are both expert restorationists…


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It looks to me like it’s made in two parts. The bottom piece would be put on first and then the top piece which overlaps the bottom piece at the sides. I see a small dot in the last photograph that is probably a screw that has been ground down flush to hold the two pieces together, where the bottom handle is attached to the top rim. Just a guess, but it’s how I’d construct it.

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pretty impossible to blow this into this frame. the glass would bulge out of the openings and not be smooth. I think it is made in 2 pieces and mechanically connected in some way we can’t see from the picture. Nowadays, with laser welders the 2 pieces could be tacked together.