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Silly old b

g’day y’all; i have to type this one-handed! you see, i came
out of the dentist at 12 on wednesday , fell down a short step, went
base over apex, broke left arm near shoulder - the humerus, only it
aint funny, badly bruised the arm, bruised and cracked the ribs,
bashed the head and split a finger down to the bone and filled it
with dirty gravel. i finished up in hospital and an ambulance
brought jean and i home at 9 - and all the new neighbours we hadn’t
met clustered round wanting to help. that’s mapua.

everyone wants to know if it hurts, and i tell them ‘only when i
laugh.’ all of which is why it may explain why i’m writing like this
i’m very glad of my reclining chair and the laptop in the lounge.
very shaky on the silly feet. jean has to help me get up and sit
down. i can switch off the workshop computer from the lounge, but
can’t switch it on. i won’t be writing a whole lot for a bit,
but i’ll keep in touch. jean ain’t too good either; we’re a fine
pair. like i yelled when i hit the ground, ‘bugger’;

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Good morning John. You and are in our thoughts for a quick recovery.
Hopefully the laughter will cause less pain each day as it helps to
heal you. An Orchid friend and admirer. Bill

Dear John, Golly, when you take a spill, you take a spill.
Really did bang yourself up pretty bad. I hope that you recover
quickly and that all the bruises and cracked bones will heal nicely.
In the mean time we will miss your sage advice, and wonderful humor.
Cheers. Alma

Now John, What are you planning for an encore? Interesting way to get
Jean to wait on you hand and foot! That sure made the memory of the
dentist go away in a hurry. Think I would recommend a different,
less violent method, a nice shot of Scotch maybe.

Well here I am fretting about upcoming cataract surgery, and you
have a major catastrophe! Perhaps now I will be less apprehensive.

You must keep up with Orchid, we need your sage advice and great
humor. Some of us may do something drastic to get your attention
like adding water to acid. Woopsies.

John, now you heal fast you hear, and Jean try a tranquilizer before
breakfast, no not for you, for him!


Hey John, Your good is too good to keep secret. Feel
better soon so that we may again tap your brain for great chem.
Hope you are well on the mend by the time this is
read. Beth Katz

Dear John Yes, those dental sadists really are dangerous:-) Sorry
to hear about your misfortune, it sounds quite complicated. We will
be missing your postings till you are ‘fit for fight’ again, but I’m
sure we all wish you a not too unpleasant and quick recovery. And,
mind you: Please be a little more carefull in the future, - I sure
don’t know what Orchid would do without your great knowledge of
’applied chemistry’ that you so generously have shared with us, not
to forget all the other grand pieces of advise about almost
everything in this industry. Kind regards and a quick recovery Niels
from wintery Bornholm, Denmark

John, Sorry for your misfortune, praying for a speedy recovery for

Richard in Denver

I, too, wish John a speedy recovery, but don’t blame the dentist.
His probem started when he left the office.And also, please don’t
hate Dentists, they really do a remarkable job most of the time. It
is an occupation with many opportunities for creativity and in many
ways it is almost as rewarding as jewelry making. I know, I was

J. Dule