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Silly cones

John, John, John…

    You just don't comprehend American "English."  I live near
Hollywood, the place where certain female exotic dancers have
er... "upper torso"... enlargements with "silica."  And to the
north is "Silicone" Valley, where they make all the transistors.
Silicon? Isn't that the stuff lapidaries use as an abrasive
extender fluid in glyptic work?

Richard, Richard, Richard, Oh gor blimey guv - do I have to get all
serious here? Well, all right but you started it, though I agree
it can be confusing

  1. SILICON is an element. It has the symbol Si. It has a metallic
    appearance, but it is neither a metal nor a non-metal but halfway
    in between. Thus it can act as an acid or a base.

  2. Silica is an oxide of silicon: silicon dioxide, SiO2, sand,
    quartz, agate, amethyst…

  3. SILICONES: Because silicon has a similar atomic/electron
    configuration to carbon it can (if it is pushed a bit) form
    compounds which are analogues of many organic compounds and most of
    these are referred to generally as '“silicones” One of these has
    similar properties to natural rubber and is also commonly referred
    to as Silicone, as in “silicone body enhancements”, and there’s a
    semi viscous oily liquid used as a low temperature lubricant and
    also as an extender when using diamond powders for lapidary work.
    and so on.

  4. 'Taint SILICONE valley, but SILICON valley; the place where
    they mess around with transistors. My new knees don’t contain
    silicones, so they don’t stretch overmuch when pulled these days.
    Cheers, johnb.