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Silicone Casting Pads


Hi Jim, The silicone pads have an intermitent use of as high as
1300 oF We have cast superfine filigree at this temp with great
success.They will wear out faster… but you can have them made
in reasonable quantity for about $ 2.00 each at the richardson
corporation in Providence RI. I don’t have their number … but
the area code is 401-.They have dies for various sizes. Or you
can go to any rubber distributor listed in you yellow pages
phone book and buy sheet stock 1/8 thick by the yard and cut it
up as you wish. we did about 40 Large 5x7 flasks at 1200of by
interchanging the 2 pads each time we cast so they didn’t over
heat and used both pads the next day. Hope this helps Daniel